Steven Branigan is Founder and CEO of CyanLine LLC, a high-technology security solution provider.

A former New Jersey police officer and a veteran of Bell Labs, Mr. Branigan has more than 16 years of network security and computer forensics experience. He has been honored by the United States Secret Service and the New Jersey State Police for his work. Mr. Branigan testified before the 107th U.S. Congress on the state of cyber security. In 2007, Mr. Branigan was selected as an “All-Star” presenter for the The Institute of Internal Auditors national conference. A respected industry author, Mr. Branigan published “High-Tech Crimes Revealed” in 2005 alongside numerous other writings and presentations.

Mr. Branigan is the current President of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association, an active member in the Infragard program and an adjunct professor on graduate computing security topics at the Stevens Institute of Technology.
He earned both his B.A. and M.S. degrees in computer science from Rutgers College, and earned his MBA from Columbia University.

Highly-Praised Works

  • “Characteristics of Forensic Imaging Performance—An Analysis of Forensic Imaging Bottlenecks, Journal of Forensic Sciences, Mar 4, 2013 (DOI: 10.1111/1556-4029.12083)
  • “Trends in disk drives and data transfer speed.” S. Branigan, Information Security Bulletin, May, 2007
  • “High-Tech Crimes Revealed,” S. Branigan , Addison Wesley, © 2005
  • “Securing the Critical IP Infrastructure,” S. Branigan, Information Security Technical Report, Volume 7, Issue 2
  • “What Can You Do with Traceroute,” S. Branigan , H. Burch, B. Cheswick and F. Wojcik, Internet Computing
  • “Mapping and Visualizing the Internet,” S. Branigan, H. Burch, B. Cheswick. Usenix Security SymposiumSignificant Presentations
  • Joint Economic Committee – Wired World: Cyber Security and the U.S Economy Hearing – 107th U.S. Congress.
  • New Jersey State Police Cyber Terrorism Awareness Day 2003 – Understanding Steganography
  • NATO’s Allied Command Europe Counter Intelligence – ACI/CI Network Security – Update on Quantum Computing – 2001
  • NATO’s Allied Command Europe Counter Intelligence – ACI/CI Network Security – Yugoslavia : An Unclassified Peak at a New Battlefield – 2001

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